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Services for Water Treatment Chemical Program

We provide timely availability of services and at the most nominal prices. We are acknowledged as one of the topmost providers of Industrial Water Testing Services in India. BARON services include the following essential Five phases for water systems

1. Identify the problems and objectives:
We begin a project by meeting with plant personels for a preliminary discussion and conduct a survey to obtain data about the plant equipment and operations. This involves investigation of water flow, water sources, system history, critical areas of potential problems and environmental issues.

2. Design the treatment program:
Baron insures that the program is reliable, effective and cost efficient which is cover all critical area of potential problem with improvement to run the system efficiently and to provide flexibility in meeting all customers and environmental requirements

3. Monitoring the treatment:

Our field engineers are trained in all aspects of industrial water treatment, they understand your system needs and problems and have the experience to conduct and recommend appropriate monitoring procedures.

4. Support Services:

Startup and operations Assistance, system inspections, scheduled reviews and documentation, taking water samples, lab analysis and comprehensive lab report with our commendations. As a result, you get the latest in innovative treatment, the combination of systems and products that precisely target on your particular requirements. We are qualified and prepared for the kind of actions it takes to solve your water problems and needs, technically, economically, practically and effectively.

5. Training

This is an award winning training program for both operators and supervisors. The program is supported with the slide presentation program. Some of the different segments are as follows:

- Basic Water Chemistry
- Corrosion
- Scale
- Condensate
- Microbiological Control
- Waste Water Treatment
- Startup
- Dosing
- Testing
- Monitoring

Services To Support Water Treatment

We are considered as one of the most illustrious providers of Water Treatment Services in India. We offer world-class Industrial Water Treament Services that are highly demanded by large number of industries. We are backed by a team of professionals who incorporate their skills to provide best testing solutions. Additionally, we provide those too at the most nominal prices.

Water Treatment Services : BARON offers a variety of water treatment services.

Boiler Cleaning : BARON performs boiler water side service, cleaning and de-scaling, to help increase efficiency and extend boiler life, reducing your operating costs and saving your equipment.

Tower Cleaning : BARON performs cooling tower and condenser cleaning and de-scaling, to help increase system efficiency and reduce corrosion rates.

Corrosion Analysis : BARON offers corrosion analysis for cooling or heating systems. This monitoring helps prevent repairs of expensive equipment.

Full Service : BARON offers full service chemical application for your cooling, steaming or heating systems.

Full Water Analysis : BARON performs full water analysis, providing comprehensive report for your cooling, steaming or heating systems.

Laboratory Setup : BARON provide consultancy for laboratory setup and provide training for water testing.

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