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Dispersants/Scale Inhibitors Antiscalant
● Excellent crystal distorter: Effective against Ca, Ba, Srcarbonate and sulphate works at high pH and cycles of concentration.
● Work up to +2.8 LSI
● Effective against Silica
● Excellent stabilizer of metal ions: Effective against heavy metal i.e. Iron
● Dispersant of suspended solids and colloids: It maintains suspended solids and colloids in suspension until rejection, thus minimizing fouling.
● Hydrolytically, thermally, biologically stable. It retains activity during storage and use.
● Effective at low dosages: 35 ppm up to 2000 TDS

R.O. Descaling Chemicals
● Low ph Formulation : Excellent sequestion of metal ions at stoichiometric concentration and threshold inhibitor of precipitated salts at sub stoichiometric concentration. Its versatile ingredient for removing of heavy metal (i.e. Iron)
● High pH Formulation : With multifunctional properties like Sequestration, Defloccutation, Threshold Inhibitor and Hydrolytic Stability, it removes organic, silt and salts deposition from any membrane
● Excellent preservative chemicals :Keep the membrane free from microbiological growth in the idle condition for prolonged period
● Remove and prevent Slime Formation: Very effective against pseudomonas and slime forming bacteria

● Oxidizing biocide :
BARON have disinfectants and Oxidizing biocide which are more stable at higher pH i.e. Chlorine Dioxide, bromine, stable hydrogen peroxide and liquid chlorine/hypochlorite.
● Non Oxidizing Biocide :
Multi active compound which have broad killing spectrum at low dosage wide pH range i.e. BKC, Carbamate, Isothiozoline, DBNPA, Gluterdehyde base compound

pH Booster
● pH booster for drinking water
● pH booster for Industrial Water

The quality and quantity of water and other relevant factors determines dosage of given below Chemicals

R.O. Chemicals
Product Description Dose


Antiscalant for TDS up to 2000 or LSI-2.8
5-15PPM on Feed Water Quantity


SOUL-WRO 121 ( B)

Antiscalant for TDS less than 1000 5-10 PPM on Feed Water Quantity


Antiscalant for TDS up to 2000 with high silica in feed water
3-7PPM on Feed Water Quantity


Antiscalant for TDS up to 4500 with high silica, Iron in feed water and SDI upto 5 ppm 3-10PPM on Feed Water Quantity


Control SDI of feed water
Depend on feed water Parameters

SOUL-WRO 111 (B)

pH Booster for Ind. Use, Don’t increases TDS
on Feed Water Quantity



pH Booster for Drinking water

on Feed Water Quantity


SOUL-WRO 708 ( I )

Descaling Chemicals Low pH 5-10% of Hold up Water

SOUL-WRO 708 ( II )

Descaling Chemicals High pH

5-10% of Hold up Water



Membrane preventer & Slime remover
5-10% of Hold up Water


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